Unpredictable March Madness Betting Brackets

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is likely to be more unpredictable than ever this season.

There are not nearly as many power teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament and big name teams like North Carolina and UCLA didn’t even make it.  March Madness odds should be fun to watch but they might be tough to predict.

March Madness betting is so popular that there thousands of bracket contests around the world. Everyone seems to have an idea of who will win in March Madness odds.  That doesn’t mean they will be right. Millions of people sign up for some of these contests and you can actually look at who they pick.  The consensus plays don’t always do that well though so that is something to keep in mind as you fill out your own March Madness betting brackets.

The first part to picking March Madness betting brackets is to pick your games that are not supposed to lose. You fill in the #1 seeds as far as it looks safe and then do the same with the #2 and #3 seeds.  When it gets past that you probably have to put in a little more thought. There are going to be some upsets and some Cinderella stories. They happen every single year and to have a winning bracket you will have to pick some of them.

What you should remember about the brackets is that there is a lot of luck involved in picking the winners. You can look at the picks by the experts and they oftentimes will do no better than you.  In fact, they oftentimes are worse.

There are some basics to making winning March Madness betting picks though.  You don’t want to be picking your favorite team just because you like them.  Coaching is important to consider as is experience. Teams that have been in the NCAA Tournament before seem to do far better than the newcomers.  Teams that surprise are likely to be the ones that have a lot of seniors on the squad. Experience matters in college hoops.  Also take a glance at the schedule strength as you pick your brackets. Some teams simply don’t belong in the tournament and will be one and done.

While there will be upsets you don’t need to go picking a #16 seed since they have never won. Take your power teams and throw in a few upsets in the mid-range seeds and have fun picking your brackets.

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