Underdogs in March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting underdogs can be very profitable in the NCAA Tournament.

Do you know what will make an online sportsbook very happy in 2009 March Madness betting? The answer is, when the underdog wins. When the dog wins the sportsbooks win, it is really that simple.

March Madness betting for many people is all about taking the favorite. Gamblers have trouble taking underdogs during March Madness betting. Taking favorites though is not a problem, especially for the public. It is very easy to find games that you like the favorite in. Finding underdogs though is much more difficult in March Madness betting. The online sportsbook knows that is the case and they will usually make you pay a higher price if you take the favorite. It happens in all sports because the sportsbook knows that everyone looks to bet the favorite first before taking the dog. March Madness betting is a time when the public starts to really bet a lot of games and most of the time they are taking the favorite.

As you look at the 2009 March Madness betting lines you first want to consider the underdog. That doesn’t mean you always bet the dogs but it does mean you start your handicapping there. You can’t just ignore the small college teams getting points in March Madness betting because you haven’t heard of them. Teams like East Tennessee State, Iona, Davidson and others can be excellent values when March Madness betting starts. Many of these teams are not the cupcakes they might seem. Any team that went through a long season and won their conference tournament is usually worthy of respect in March Madness betting. Sometimes the online sportsbooks don’t give them that respect because they know the public won’t either.

As you look to get involved in 2009 March Madness betting you definitely want to consider taking some underdogs. Just because you take the points does not guarantee you victory in 2009 March Madness betting, but it does give you a better chance. The best sportsbooks in the world would actually prefer you take the underdog though in March Madness betting. They know that favorites get a ton of public action and if they get underdog action they usually don’t complain. It balances their March Madness betting bottom line and puts them at less risk overall. Look at taking some underdogs this season with your March Madness betting.

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