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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting tips can help you pick more winners as you look at the 2009 March Madness odds board.

Let’s take a look at a few of the better March Madness betting tips. March Madness betting doesn’t always see the best players win the title. The best teams though are the ones that make you money in March Madness betting. Kansas may not have had the best player in the tournament but they were the champs in 2008.

North Carolina has Tyler Hansbrough but they couldn’t even make the title game last year. The year that North Carolina did win it all in March Madness betting was 2005 and they didn’t have any star players. Balanced teams win you the money in March Madness betting, not necessarily teams with superstar players. That is your first March Madness betting tip.

Your next March Madness betting tip is not to pick all four #1 seeds to make the Final Four. Yes, it did happen last year for the first time in history but do you really think it will happen in back-to-back years after never happening in history before last season?

Another March Madness betting tip is to focus on the #7 seeds against the #10 seeds. While some people will tell you that the #10 seeds have a chance to win the March Madness betting pointspread numbers heavily favor the #7 seed, especially recently.

Don’t ignore the major conference teams that get in under the radar a bit on the March Madness odds board. They might go in as a #6 seed or even a #10 seed and do well. Teams from power conferences that are the fourth or fifth team from their conference often go unnoticed and present great value on the March Madness odds board.

Another tip worth considering is to look at the favorite teams to win the tournament and see if they had big winning streaks during the season. Remember that in the NCAA Tournament a team will have to win six straight games to win the title. If you see a contender that didn’t do that great in the regular season then they probably won’t do it in the tournament either.

When it gets down to the end in March Madness betting keep in mind that the Regional Finals are oftentimes played in Domes. If a team is not accustomed to playing in a Dome it can be a big disadvantage so keep that in mind as you look at March Madness odds.

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