Tips for March Madness Sweet Sixteen Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

2009 March Madness betting will be exciting with a number of teams having a chance to win it all.

Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you in March Madness betting. March Madness betting tips begin with looking at teams that won their conference tournament.  Kansas, Memphis, UCLA and North Carolina did very well in their conferences last year and it was no fluke they made the Final Four.  Last year in March Madness betting the Final Four teams averaged 31.8 wins during the regular season.

Early in March Madness betting there will be some upsets but not as many as you might think.  In recent seasons the public has gravitated to underdogs in March Madness betting as they look for the sleepers and the Cinderella teams.  Whenever the public starts getting involved in something the trends will start to change.  The March Madness betting oddsmakers know what is going on and they have made underdogs less valuable in recent seasons. That may happen again in 2009 March Madness betting.  You really have to consider taking some favorites with your wagers in the NCAA Tournament.

It used to be that the best time to take the favorites in March Madness betting was in the later rounds.  That has changed though since the top seeds are doing better in the early rounds recently.  Everyone is searching for a Cinderella and that makes favorites worth considering in March Madness betting.

In 2009 March Madness betting the top seeds are North Carolina, Louisville, Pittsburgh and Connecticut.  You can rest assured that at least one and possibly more of these teams will not make the Final Four.  It is just so unlikely that all four #1 seeds will make the Final Four in consecutive seasons.  You might want to look at some teams off the radar a bit like Missouri or Gonzaga in 2009 March Madness betting.

There are always multiple options to consider in March Madness betting.  Unlike previous seasons where you could just take the underdogs and win money, you must do some handicapping and consider favorites in March Madness betting.

Get ready to enjoy the best time of the year in sports betting.  There is nothing better than watching and wagering on the NCAA Tournament in mid-March and early April.

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