The First Weekend of March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness is the most popular during the first four days of the tournament.

The games on Thursday and Friday are excellent in March Madness gambling while the Saturday and Sunday games are not far behind. That first weekend is simply something special.

March Madness betting in the first two rounds gives you a lot of choices and a lot of chances to make money. March Madness betting is so popular that many sportsbooks say that the NCAA Tournament is the most popular betting event of the year.  March Madness betting during the early rounds can be a challenge but it can also be profitable. The smaller and lesser-known schools sometimes get overlooked but that means you can find excellent value with them in March Madness gambling.

Every year there are teams in March Madness betting that do well against the pointspread. Some of them you may have never heard of. You have teams like Winthrop, Cornell, Northern Iowa and others doing well in March Madness gambling. These teams oftentimes get matched up against marquee teams and that means they are powerful underdogs in March Madness betting.

Many times in the first couple of rounds of March Madness betting you will also find value when the middle seeds match up against each other.  Sometimes one of the seeds is overrated and you can get a nice betting line in March Madness gambling.

As you bet the first couple of rounds of March Madness betting you really want to look at underdogs.  This will change as the later rounds progress but early on you want to give the underdogs a serious look in March Madness betting. It is also important when handicapping the first two rounds of March Madness betting to take into account a team’s momentum heading into the tourney.  You also want to be aware of potential letdowns of teams that just got into the tournament with a big conference tourney win.

There is no question that March Madness gambling is a great time for gamblers.  The best part of that time is the first weekend of games that really begin on Thursday and stretch into Sunday. There is nothing better than looking at the March Madness odds and considering all of the first and second round games. That is what makes the first weekend exciting and the most popular time for March Madness.

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