The First Weekend is a Great Time to Make a March Madness Bet

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness bet for the first four days of the NCAA Tournament is the best time to make a wager.

There is nothing better than looking at the March Madness lines from Thursday through Sunday when the NCAA Tourney begins.

March Madness bet is very popular at sportsbooks.  The opening weekend is considered the most popular time of the year at sportsbooks.  It is probably even more popular than the Super Bowl because there are so many more games on the board.  The goal when people make a March Madness bet is to win money.  How do you go about handicapping these early round games in the NCAA Tournament?

There is a lot of consider in the first weekend of March Madness lines.  You have the marquee teams like Kansas and Kentucky and you also have the unknown teams like Siena and Vermont. The lesser known teams can actually be a better value bet than the marquee teams, particularly in the first couple of rounds. The marquee teams simply don’t offer a lot of value in the tournament because they are so popular. There is no question that the public is going to bet teams like Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse and others.  Teams from smaller conferences like Northern Iowa and Cornell are simply not going to get much respect. They can still cover the spread though even if they don’t win the game.

What you have to be careful about in the first couple of rounds of the NCAA Tournament when you make a March Madness bet is laying too many points.  The marquee teams are overpriced because they are public teams.  Sometimes in the first weekend the better way to go is to take the games where middle seeds match up against each other.  There are times that one of the seeds is underrated and provide some good value.  It is sometimes easier to handicap a game between two seeds that are closer than the #1 vs. #16 matchup where Kansas is laying 35 points. 

When you look at the first couple of rounds of the NCAA Tournament it is easy to get carried away when you make a March Madness bet. There are so many games on the board and they all look appealing. You may want to narrow things down and avoid the marquee teams and focus instead on games where you can find a solid handicapping advantage.

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