Systems for 2010 March Madness Odds

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness have many systems to consider as you look to pick winners.

There are a lot of games in a short period of time and that makes March Madness betting exciting.  Betting the games can be profitable if you remember a few of the systems.

March Madness odds have a lot of games in the first round to consider. In the first round taking the points is always worth looking at and certain seed matchups like 5-12, 4-13, and 3-14 have seen people considering systems for March Madness betting.  The most popular first round game is the #12 seed playing the #5 seed. Everyone wants to take the underdog in that game and in recent years the odds are so close that it doesn’t always work.  Once the public knows about something the value is gone in March Madness odds.

Another system that is not as well known as the 5-12 one has you taking the loser of the Thursday or Friday game against the spread in their weekend game if they are playing a team that covered their opener.  This is where you get a team that won but didn’t cover against a team that did win and cover.  The public remembers the last game and they can easily get fed up if they lost on a team against the spread.  You get added value by taking that team in March Madness odds.  This can also work later in the tournament but the weekend is the best place for this system.

The NCAA Tournament is very popular which means public bettors will flock to the windows.  The public bets so many games and they do have an influence.  Remember that as you bet March Madness odds. The public does have an influence. This is not regular season college hoops where the public doesn’t bet as much.  This is March Madness and it is wildly popular.  You can sometimes go against the public as a system when you bet the tournament games.  Going against the public is never a bad idea.

March Madness gives you brackets, seeds, upsets, power teams and the best college hoops action of the year.  There are a lot of systems to consider some of which work well and some which don’t.  Keeping things simple and not overreacting is a big key to following these systems.  You may want to go against the public and back teams coming off a pointspread loss.  Going against the grain is never a bad idea when using systems.

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