Sweet Sixteen Trends in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting Sweet Sixteen trends give you some excellent pointers to pick winners for Thursday and Friday.

This is the round where there are not as many upsets in March Madness odds.  The slipper usually comes off the Cinderella team in this round of March Madness betting.

March Madness betting fans in the past few years have seen the higher seeded teams do extremely well in the Sweet Sixteen. That might end this year since the 2010 Tournament has seen a lot of upsets already.  If you see March Madness numbers in this round where the number is 5.5 or more then the favorite is even a better bet.  When the March Madness odds are lower, the higher seeded teams are just a 50-50 proposition.

What is interesting about the Sweet Sixteen round is that the better teams win a high percentage of the time but they don’t always cover the spread.  As noted earlier, when laying bigger points, the favorites do well but when they point spread is smaller the underdogs have been covering.  This should point you to taking the favorites on the money line in this round but laying -200 or more on a favorite to win is never very appealing for most bettors when they can lay 4 or 5 points instead.

A very good bet in recent years in the Sweet Sixteen has been to take the lower-seeded teams when they have a small point spread.  If the lower seeded team is getting respect on the line they have a chance to win, and history has shown they have done that more often than not.

There are also some trends to consider in the Sweet Sixteen with the totals. Many times in this round the under has been the way to bet.  If you see a very low total, (128 or lower) then you really want to take the under as it wins nearly every time.  In fact, you have won more than 80% of your wagers when that situation arises.

One thing with Sweet Sixteen numbers is that you have plenty of time to wager on them.  The games are not until Thursday or Friday and the odds on the games will have been out since Sunday and Monday.  That gives you plenty of time to consider your bets.  You won’t have nearly as much time with the Elite Eight games since they are on Saturday and Sunday.

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