Sweet Sixteen March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds get narrowed down when the NCAA Tournament is narrowed down to the Sweet Sixteen

By the time the March Madness odds get to this point there are usually three or four power teams remaining, one or two Cinderella teams and another 10 teams that will get eliminated quickly.  Let’s consider Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds. March Madness odds in the Sweet Sixteen present different betting challenges than in the early rounds.  The upsets that occurred early don’t happen nearly as often in the Sweet Sixteen.  When you look at the March Madness betting line with the final 16 teams you really have to avoid getting caught up in the underdog frenzy.  It works well in the early rounds but when the cream rises to the top it doesn’t work as well in March Madness odds.  You can’t get caught up with the public in a Cinderella story that may not develop.  For every team that looks like a Cinderella in March Madness odds there are countless others that fail.  And the Sweet Sixteen is where many bite the dust.

You need to remember as you look at March Madness odds that there is no other games for these teams unless they win.  There are no letdowns or a look-ahead factor.  The big name teams are ready to play and usually give a good performance that translates well versus the March Madness betting line. If a Cinderella is to win versus the March Madness odds then they need to have a lot going for them.  As you look at Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds you want to do the opposite of what you did in the early rounds.  You want to look at the favorites first in the March Madness betting line and look for reasons to bet them.  That is opposite of what you did earlier when you were looking for reasons to take the dog.  The favorites definitely do better as the tournament progresses and the Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds will illustrate this fact.

Take a look at Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds this season and try and avoid getting caught up in the underdog hype.  Look for the best teams to play well and advance.  That is the best tip to remember when you are looking at the March Madness betting line for the Sweet Sixteen.

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