Stats Tell the Winners in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds can sometimes be predicted by looking at the statistics.

It is easy to see the winners and losers in March Madness betting if you just look at little bit at the stats.  Let’s take a look at some of the most important stats to consider when you are betting the NCAA Tournament.

March Madness odds have seen teams that shoot the ball win consistently.  That makes sense and the stats back it up as 62% of the time the team with the higher field goal percentage in March Madness odds will be the winner. This applies to free throw shooting as well as the team that shoots better from the foul line wins more often than not.  You can go further with the stats and look at rebounding as very often the team that rebounds the ball better will be the winner in March Madness odds.

As you look at the stats you will find that the three most important ones are field goal percentage, defensive field goal percentage and defensive rebounding. This makes so much sense but is virtually ignored by most people who look at March Madness odds.  You do have to recognize that sometimes when power conferences matchup against weaker conferences that the stats can be misleading but more often than not the team that has better numbers in these three areas will win in March Madness odds. Shooting the ball, playing defense and rebounding are fundamentals that winning teams do well.  Oftentimes in college basketball it is just that simple when it comes to winning and losing.

Stats sometimes tell more of the story than trends when it comes to March Madness betting.  Just because a #12 seed has beaten a #5 seed every year does not mean it will happen this time.  Looking into the stats though can give you an idea of whether it might.  Blindly playing only trends or only stats is not the way to go in March Madness betting. Combining the two though can be a great way to beat March Madness odds. It is great when you have a trend like the 5 vs. 12 one and then can back it up with statistics in favor of the underdog. That is when you have a powerful play vs. the March Madness betting line.  Keep that in mind as you bet the NCAA Tournament this year.

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