Statistics Impact NCAA Tournament Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA Tournament odds are impacted by the basic statistics of points, rebounds, turnovers, shooting percentage, etc.

As you look to handicap NCAA Tournament odds there are definitely certain stats that are more important than others.

NCAA Tournament odds can be handicapped successfully by looking beyond the obvious stats. Looking at strength of schedule can be very important as you consider NCAA Tourney odds. Some teams play very strong schedules during the season and are well prepared for the tournament while others fatten up on a softer slate. Strength of schedule is a handicapping factor that very few people consider but one that can be very important in picking winners.

You can also consider the coaching factors as you handicap NCAA Tournament odds. Coaching is much more important in the colleges than the pros. The top coaches continue to win year after year in the tourney and they must be taken into consideration as you handicap NCAA Tournament odds. Predicting games is not always easy and the basic stats, while good, are not always the answer when you pick versus NCAA Tourney odds.

NCAA Tournament odds are different because you have teams seeded 1 through 16 in each region. This automatically means the lower seeds will be favored over the higher seeds in NCAA Tournament odds. If you find the rare occasion where a higher seed is favored in NCAA Tourney odds you may want to take them. Rarely are the oddsmakers wrong when it comes to the favored team in NCAA Tournament odds. They might have a team favored by too many points or by not enough, but usually they do have the right team favored in NCAA Tournament odds. Every single year you will have a few games where the NCAA Tournament odds don’t match the seeds and in those instances you are best off trusting the NCAA Tournament odds makers. The odds are made for a reason and they are usually more accurate than the tournament seeds.

NCAA Tourney odds are among the popular of all sporting odds to look at and to bet. The month of March is a huge one for sportsbooks since the NCAA Tournament is widely popular among gamblers and fans. People that don’t normally bet college basketball really love March Madness.

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