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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines are much more of a public betting venture than other types of basketball lines.

One of the best-known concepts that revolve around college basketball, including March Madness is the “smart money” theory. The so-called “smart money” will move all types of betting lines including 2009 March Madness betting odds.

March Madness betting lines will change up until game time. There are many conspiracy theories and colorful stories about the smart money moves, such as that they originate from groups that are in with the mafia and have “inside information, but in reality it is just professional bettors moving the March Madness betting numbers. The bottom line regarding the legends and stories, both real and imagined, about smart money moves is that sometimes they win and sometimes they lose.

As you look at the March Madness betting lines you need to know that the smart money moves don’t always win. In fact, many times it has been more profitable for a player to go against the smart money moves with his March Madness betting wagers. You will see more movement on NBA betting lines than in any other sport and probably more wise guy line movement. You get a lot more information on NBA betting lines and you also get much weaker numbers, especially on totals, put out by the oddsmaker. This makes for a lot of wise guy play. You will see a lot of movement on March Madness betting lines as well, but it is usually not for the same reasons as NBA line moves. When the March Madness betting lines come out there is usually an adjustment made in the line because the so-called wise guys bet the games. Sometimes these March Madness betting wagers are just positions taken based on power ratings and numbers. There is no inside information as many people believe. It is just professional bettors believing that their March Madness betting numbers are better than those produced by the oddsmakers.

Very often in March Madness betting when a group sees what they perceive to be a weak line they will bet the game and then decide upon their position later in the week. Remember that the 2009 March Madness betting lines come out on Sunday night and the games don’t take place until Thursday. This is plenty of time for bettors to take a position and then re-evaluate it with March Madness betting. Sometimes they will stick with their position, but sometimes they will buy back the number and look for a middle in 2009 March Madness betting.

Smart money will exist in 2009 March Madness betting, but it is not an automatic winner. Open a New Account and start betting on March Madness at SBG Global!

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