Sleeper teams you must watch

March 13, 2015 NCAA Basketball

The NCAA tournament and March Madness Betting is exciting in its own right, but the beauty of this time of the season for College Hoops are the many different narratives and storylines that begin to develop. Sleepers are always fun to watch, they make and break your brackets. However, if you want to make it big this March during the tournament, this few insights might be able to help you.

The first team that you should keep an eye out for is the Ohio State Buckeyes. The reason: D’Angelo Russell. Why? Because he is like a new version of Russell Westbrook. The freshman guard has been nothing short of amazing. His performance, desire to win and pure joy for the game might just be the push the Buckeyes need to make it further on the tournament. Remember this kid’s name. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Michigan State Spartans. Why? Well, because this team has heart and a never say die approach that in March madness betting might just be that difference between advancing and going home. Also, let’s not forget that their coach Tom Izzo is a real basketball tactician that could push this team to the limit.

The other Wildcats, no not Villanova, but Davidson is a team that could be very fun to watch in this NCAA tournament. Mainly because they have a very effective offense that can leave your head spinning. Relying on the performance of Tyler Kalionoski, this team could be a good sleeper when the tournament comes. He has been drawing much attention as a star player in the same school that produced Steph Curry, and that is saying plenty.

The LSU Tigers are another team to keep in your sights, mainly because they are enigmatic, because despite losing some games they were VERY close of beating Kentucky. This team has the talent and can make a big impact in the tournament and making March Madness betting very interesting.

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