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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball tournament odds are very interesting to look at in large part because of the seeding process of the tournament.

There are a number of trends to consider when you look at the seeds and NCAA basketball tournament odds.

NCAA basketball tournament odds show that a #1 seed has never lost in the first round to a #16 seed. What is not as well publicized in NCAA basketball tournament odds is that a #2 seed has only lost twice in the first round. #3 seeds are also successful in NCAA basketball tournament odds in the first round as they win over 80% of the time. #4 seeds are almost as strong in the first round. There has only been one occasion in NCAA basketball tournament odds history where no #1 seeds made the Final Four and that was in 2006. #1 seeds have met in the National Championship game only four times since 1985. It happened last year in NCAA basketball tournament odds as Florida beat Ohio State for the title. It also happened in 2005 as North Carolina beat Illinois in NCAA Tournament odds.

Since 1985 a total of 13 top seeds have won the championship. NCAA Tournament odds show that #2 seeds have won four titles. NCAA basketball tournament odds show that #3 seeds have won three times while #4 seeds have one once. That means 21 of the last 23 titles have been won by a 1, 2, 3, or 4 seed in NCAA basketball tournament odds.

As you look at NCAA basketball tournament odds you will be picking #1 seeds a lot. If you are looking for a spot where they might lose in NCAA Tournament odds then look for the Elite 8 where they have lost the most. #2 seeds are most often upset in the second round in NCAA Tournament odds while #3 and #4 seeds are upset the most in the second round as well.

What do these numbers tell us in NCAA basketball tournament odds? They say that #1 seeds make it to the Elite 8 over 70% of the time. Almost 87% of Final Four teams come from the top four seeds. Keep some of these numbers in mind as you fill out your brackets and bet the games this season.

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