Seeds Matter in March Madness Gambling

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness gambling is unique because in the NCAA Tournament every team is seeded

You have four #1 seeds, four #2 seeds and so on in the 64 team field. Let’s take a look at how seeds are important in March Madness gambling.

March Madness gambling history tells us that a #1 seed has never lost outright to a #16 seed. A #2 seed has lost though in the first round, in fact, it has happened 4 times. It hasn’t happened since 2001 but it almost did last year when Belmont nearly upset Duke. March Madness betting history shows that quite a few #3 seeds have lost in the first round. 15 times in March Madness gambling history a #14 seed has won outright against a #3 seed. It didn’t happen last year and none of the games were even close so in 2009 you might want to seriously take a look at the #14 seeds in March Madness betting. The #4 seeds are about the same in March Madness gambling history as they have won 18 times, two of which game last year. In the last seven years we have seen six outright upsets in this first round matchup.

The most popular of the March Madness betting trends for the first round is the 5-12 matchup. The #12 seed has won 31 times outright in March Madness gambling, which is more than 32% of the time. Last year two more #12 seeds won as Western Kentucky and Villanova pulled off March Madness betting wins. In the last 11 years that percentage is even higher at 40% as March Madness gambling numbers show.

The #11 seeds are also successful in March Madness gambling in the first round as they have 30 wins. They only pulled off one upset though in last year’s tourney. Looking at the 7-10 matchup you would think the 10’s would do fairly well in March Madness gambling but that has not really been the case. The #7 seeds have done quite well in March Madness gambling. Three of the four won again last season which takes their percentage to 63%.

The #9 seeds have an advantage over the #8 seeds although not by a lot. These two teams are usually close and rarely are the March Madness gambling pointspreads that high in these games.

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