2007-2008 Sacramento State Hornets NCAA Basketball Odds

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball odds on Sacramento State are almost always high because the team is never any good. Unfortunately for Sacramento State basketball odds fans things don’t look much better in 2007-2008.

You will definitely have to pick your spots if you are betting Sacramento State versus NCAA basketball odds this season.

NCAA basketball odds fans see that coach Jerome Jenkins begins his 8th season as coach of the Hornets.  NCAA basketball odds experts wonder why Jenkins is still around.  All of his assistant coaches are gone.  Two starters (Angel Alamo and Kris Groce) became the latest Jenkins players to flunk out of school and the team’s two top players graduated. The only two positions that look set according to NCAA basketball odds experts are the guard spots where Roderick Adams and Loren Leath return.  NCAA basketball odds fans know that the Hornets were the worst rebounding team in the conference last year and they lost their two best rebounders. Fans of basketball odds know that the two big JC transfers, Wandji Aboubakar and Justin Eller will need to play well. Eller is the newcomer to watch according to fans of NCAA basketball odds. He is 6-foot-8 and a sophomore who averaged 17.7 points and nine rebounds last year at College of the Siskiyous.

NCAA basketball odds fans see that Leath is the only serious shooter on the team.  He averaged 12.8 points per game last season, while making a team-high 72 three-pointers for NCAA basketball odds fans. Roderick Adams played well at the end of the season and may be able to average double digits this season. The key will be how well Eller plays according to NCAA basketball odds experts.  Fans of Sacramento State basketball odds know that it is probably going to be another long season of losing.

NCAA basketball odds experts see a starting lineup of Roderick Adams and Loren Heath at the guards.  The forwards will probably be Clark Woods and Justin Williams with Curtis Harrison in the middle according to NCAA basketball odds experts.  Eller will obviously take one of these spots early in the season according to basketball odds experts.  It is likely to be another losing season for the Hornets.  They may cover a few games here and there but the talent is not there for Sacramento State to make much of a mark this season.

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