2007-2008 Rice Owls College Basketball Lines

College basketball lines will show a big hole in the Rice lineup now that Morris Almond is in the NBA.

Basketball lines show that Almond led C-USA and finished third in the nation in scoring last season with 26.4 points per game.

College basketball lines experts know that the Owls will miss Almond in a big way. "I knew everybody would ask about Morris and what his loss would mean to our team," coach Willis Wilson said. "We've been in this situation a number of times over the years, and we've been fortunate that we've had guys step up.” Wilson will attempt to replace Almond and two other starters, point guard Lorenzo Williams and center Greg Killings, with quite a few players according to basketball lines experts. The Owls would like to count on guard Bryan Beasley, a transfer from Texas A&M, but need a ruling on his eligibility according to college basketball lines experts.  Amazing to many that bet college basketball lines is that Rice played poorly except for Almond. Jasen Williams will see more action this season according to those that bet college basketball lines.  Basketball lines experts see that Suleiman Braimoh and Scott Saunders will get playing time. The 6-8 Braimoh is a good rebounder and shot blocker while Saunders may hit a few shots according to college basketball lines experts.

Cory Pflieger and Chris Hagan only averaged 6.3 and 5.1 points, respectively, last season but they are the returnees that will impact college basketball lines. Pflieger is a shooter while Hagan will run the point. Rodney Foster may be the first guard off the bench according to college basketball lines experts. Pflieger, Hagan and Foster would make for a small backcourt according to basketball lines experts. Patrick Britton and Paulius Packevicius have the most minutes of the returnees according to college basketball lines experts. Britton will need to score more and Packevicius will at least have to score some. Aleks Perka may provide some scoring potential according to experts that bet college basketball lines.

College basketball lines experts see a starting lineup of Chris Hagan and Rodney Foster at the guards.  College basketball lines experts see Cory Pflieger and Patrick Britton at the forwards.  Basketball lines experts see Paulius Packevicius in the middle.