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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds can be profitable to wager against if you do a little research

Let’s consider some top research tips to consider as you are betting March Madness odds.

March Madness odds success begins with doing the work. You really should look at certain factors that can lead you to more wins versus March Madness betting odds. The first one to consider is how a team has done on the road. If they can win on the road then they should be able to win in the tournament and that is the kind of team you want in March Madness betting odds.

Another interesting statistic to consider when betting March Madness odds is the assist to turnover ratio. This tells you whether or not a team is well coached and disciplined. Those are two important factors needed to win in March Madness odds. It also helps if you have a team that can play defense. It is sure nice to be wagering on a team in March Madness odds that can stop the other team. There is no doubt that guard play is another important factor to consider in March Madness betting odds. Teams with solid guards oftentimes do very well in the tournament. It also helps to have a solid superstar scorer to go to in the clutch. Teams with a star player usually do quite well in the tournament because they know they have someone to go to in the defining moments of the game.

When you pick games versus March Madness odds really do the work and don’t just go with the marquee teams or your favorite teams. Pick games against the March Madness odds based upon statistics and solid research. It also helps if you have an experienced team with a solid coach when you are looking at March Madness betting odds. Teams that have been in the tournament before are less likely to get intimidated or rattled by the experience and they are worth considering in March Madness odds.

Remember that there is no set formula for picking winners versus the March Madness odds. Do the research and consider many different factors as you look at March Madness odds this year.

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