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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Elite 8 betting lines will usually have the best teams in the tournament still remaining as at least three of the four #1 seeds usually make it this far.

As you consider Elite 8 betting lines there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s look at recent history to see if we can predict what might happen in March Madness odds this season in the Elite Eight.

Elite 8 betting lines recently have had a lot of top seeds. Last year’s Elite 8 betting lines has all four #1 seeds, three #2 seeds and a #3 seed. It was the lowest combinations of seeds in Elite 8 betting lines since the NCAA Tournament began seeding teams. That was very unusual in terms of Elite 8 betting lines. Normally you will have some type of Cinderella team that emerges in March Madness odds. In the last five years though, no team below a #8 seed has made it to the Elite Eight.

As you look to pick teams that will be successful and make it to the Elite Eight in March Madness odds you should be aware that Elite Eight teams last year won their conference tournament. 7 of the 8 teams in Elite 8 betting lines last year won their conference tournament and did so in a big way. That should tell you that momentum is important when you are considering March Madness odds. Last year’s Elite 8 betting lines had #1 seed North Carolina losing to Georgetown. This was not a huge upset since Georgetown was a #2 seed in Elite 8 betting lines. #1 seeds Florida and Ohio State both won in Elite 8 betting lines and also won the next week in the Final Four and met in the National Championship game that Florida ended up winning. Ohio State defeated Memphis in Elite 8 betting lines while Florida took out Oregon. The other #1 seed in the Elite Eight last season was Kansas and they lost to a strong #2 seed in UCLA. The Bruins ended up losing in the Final Four matchup against Florida.

The Elite Eight usually has the best teams in the tournament remaining and in the 2007 tourney two #1 seeds advanced while two strong #2 seeds also were winners. When it gets down to the wire in the NCAA Tournament the strong teams usually advance.

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