Profits Can be Made vs. March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds can be profitable if remember a few things.

There are a lot of games to consider in March Madness betting and that is a good news/bad news scenario.  The good news is that you have a lot of chances to make money while the bad news is that you can get carried away and lose money.

March Madness odds for many people are all about the NCAA Tournament.  That is fine but there are so many more games that really encompass March Madness betting. There are conference tournament games that are extremely exciting. There is the NIT and the SBI tournaments that are going on at this time. Football is a more popular sport than basketball but there is nothing more popular in the United States than March Madness except the Super Bowl.  The NCAA Tournament is televised on CBS and the games are extremely popular from the first round all the way through the Final Four and the title game.

How do you profit from wagering on March Madness odds?  If you are a professional gambler that bets football you have a limited number of games in the playoffs.  That is not the case in college hoops though. There are a lot of games to consider.  There are 32 games just in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Many people prefer to wager on March Madness simply because there are so many games.

When you consider the college basketball conference tournaments, the NCAA Tournament, the NIT and the SBI, there are so many games to look at. And it is not just the side in these games but also the total.  There is going to be a total in all of those games.  You can bet one side or the other or the over or the under in March Madness odds.  That is a great buffet of choices in the month of March.  It is arguably the best time of the year for a gambler.

If you really love to bet on basketball then March is the best month of the season.  The conference tournaments are great and give you a lot of chances to make a profit. The NCAA Tournament is even better and there are some people who will say that the NIT is the best tournament of all to make money in.   With so many great choices the opportunity to make a profit is definitely there in March Madness odds.

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