Power Ratings and Lines in a March Madness Bet

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness bet power ratings and lines are different than during the regular season since it is one and done come tournament time.

The NCAA Tournament is very popular as bettors love to place wagers on March Madness lines.  Power ratings and lines are important to consider as you make your March Madness bet.

March Madness bet is going to appeal to a lot of bettors who might not always bet college hoops.  There are going to be people that look at the brackets and want to make a March Madness bet.  That is great for the sportsbooks and it can also be great for the bettor that has bet college hoops all season.  The March Madness lines are set up for the public bettor.  That means the marquee teams are going to be laying more points than they should be and underdogs are going to have value.

To avoid the public hype that goes into making a March Madness bet you really should make your own lines before they come out. This is not as hard as you might think.  If you get a good set of power ratings and tweak them a little bit it won’t take you anytime at all to make a good line.  If you do this before the actual lines come out you can compare your lines with the lines at the sportsbook and bet the differences.

As you look at power ratings and lines you are going to see upsets occur and Cinderella stories emerge.  Trying to predict these surprise teams is something that is fun to do and also helpful to do. If you can find the surprise team then you can oftentimes ride them for a couple of wins.   As you look at power ratings and lines you will also need to pick your Final Four teams.  That is something that is also fun to do.  You can look at the ratings and try and get a decent idea of who will make it.  It might be tougher this season to go beyond the power teams since Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse and Duke look really strong.  The key will be to find a surprise team that can crack the top four.

There are a lot of options for you when you make a bet.  Developing your own power ratings and lines is one way to narrow things down and keep focused as you bet the NCAA Tourney this season.

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