Picking Your March Madness Betting Brackets

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets give you a lot of excitement and many different chances to pick winners.

There are 65 teams at the beginning with 64 making the main tournament which begins on Thursday, March 18th.  There will be 32 games on the March Madness odds board as the brackets get started.

March Madness betting brackets have teams seeded one through sixteen in each of the four regions.  There are some teams you can automatically pencil in to win at least a couple of games. A sixteen seed has never beaten a top seed so you can count on the #1 seeds making it to the weekend.  You can’t just assume that all four #1 seeds will make it all the way through to the Final Four though. Only once in history has that happened and this year it doesn’t seem likely with a lot of parity in college basketball.

You really can’t go wrong after picking the #1 seeds in their opening games.  You probably don’t want to pick too many 14 or 15 seeds in the first round either but anything is possible.  You can really pick some upsets along the way and have a real chance in March Madness betting.

There is no question that Kansas, Kentucky and Syracuse are three of the top teams in the tournament.  They are not unbeatable though in March Madness odds.  Kansas looks like the best of the three teams but they are not a lock to win in March Madness betting. Kentucky is a very young but very talented team that can blow anyone out but do they have enough experience.  Syracuse might be the team to watch as they have a great head coach and a solid inside-outside game that can do well in March Madness. 

A team that could really do well is Ohio State. They have the possible Player of the Year in Evan Turner and they are as good as anyone.  Purdue was in the mix until losing Robbie Hummel and it would be a major surprise to see them advance past the first weekend.

When you pick brackets there is no secret formula.  History has shown that anything can happen.  Just when you don’t think something can happen in March Madness, it does.  That could be the case in the 2010 NCAA Tournament since it really does look wide open.

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