No. 10 Notre Dame beats unranked Wake Forest 88-75

February 20, 2015 NCAA Basketball

player with basketball dribbling past another playerThis past Tuesday night the 17th of Feb. 2015, we got to see the No. 10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 23-4 playing the unranked Wake Forest Demon Deacons 12-15 at the Purcell Pavilion in South Bend, Indiana and the game started at 7 PM ET and was seen by those that get ESPNU.

The scoring in this game in the 1st half was very close as Wake Forest scored 41 points while Notre Dame scored some 43 points, thus taking a 2 point lead to half-time. In the second half of the game the Demon Deacons did not score as well as the only accumulated 34 points in the half, while the Fighting Irish managed to score some 45 points and win the game 88-75.

The leading scorers for the No. 10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish were guard-Grant who was the 2nd leading scorer in the game with 24 points, guard-Connaughton-13 points, and forward-Augusta-12 points, guard-Vasturia-12points, and off the bench forward-Beachem 10 points. For the unranked Wake Forest Deacon Demons the leading scorers was forward-Thomas with 26 points who was the leading scorer in the game, forward-McIntyre-10 points, off the bench forward-Leonard-10 points, forward Mitoglou-8points and off the bench forward-Hudson-8 points.

For the comparison of the Team statistics, the Deacon Demons scored 75 Points while the Irish scored 88 points. In Field Goals the Demons made 29 of their 63 attempts for a .460 percent completion while the Irish made 25 of their 62 attempts for a .403 percent completion. On 3-Pointers the Deacons attempted 18 shots and completed 6 for a .333 completion percent while the Irish attempted 26 shots and made 11 for a .423 completion percent. On Foul shots the Deacons had 15 making 11 for a .733 completion percent while the Irish 28 shots of which they made 27 for a .964 completion percent. On Fouls the Deacons committed 18 while the Irish committed 16, while neither team committed Technical or Flagrant Fouls.

The leaders in the game on Points were Thomas with 26 points for the Deacons, and Grant for the Irish with 24 points. On the defensive Rebounds Thomas for the Deacon had 11 while Torres for the Irish had 6 rebounds. In offensive assists McIntyre for the Deacons had 5 while Grant for the Irish had 10 assists. On Steals, Jones for the Deacons had 3 while Grant for the Irish had 5 Steals. One Blocked shots, Mitoglou for the Deacons had 2 while Colson for the Irish had 3 Blocked shots.

What goes around comes around according to the Irish Coach Brey who had his team practice free throw preceding this game, as they had not been doing well at the foul line. In their previous game with Duke they lost the game and only made 35% of their foul shots. The extra practice paid off for the Irish in this game as the made 27 of their 28 foul shots in their victory which weighed heavy in the game points.

In you Bet on College at an Offshore Betting site, then here are some interesting facts. In this game the Irish-guard-Grant became the 2nd Notre Dame players in the school history of their program to accumulate some 1,500 points while at the same time making some 600 assists in his career to date. Also, this was the first time ever that the Wake Forest basketball team played in South Bend Indiana. This Saturday the 21st of Feb. 2015 the Irish visit Boston College while the Deacon will host the No.2 Virginia on Wednesday the 25th of Feb.

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