NCAA Tourney First Round March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is arguably the best in the first round when all 64 teams are playing.

It is a great two days of action on Thursday and Friday and the March Madness odds are exciting.  What do you look for on the first two days of the NCAA Tournament?

March Madness betting has so much variety on the first two days with power #1 seeds taking on #16 seeds while great underdogs like the #12 seeds do their damage.  When you start to handicap the first round of March Madness betting there are some things to remember.  Many times you are not going to bet the #1 vs. #16 matchup because you don’t want to lay the big points with the top seed and you can’t trust the #16 seed. This is a game that many people avoid altogether simply because they don’t know what to do with the March Madness odds.

The #2 vs. #15 game in March Madness betting is not much better that the 1 vs. 16 but at least with the #15 seed you can sometimes get some value and get a team that is not from some unknown conference.  This game sometimes will see the public take a shot with the underdog in March Madness betting. 

The #3 vs. #14 game is all about the favorites in March Madness betting.  It seems that the best matchup for a favored team in the first round is the #3 seed.  They don’t seem to have the pressure that the #1 or #2 seeds have and they play better in the first round.  After this game it really seems that underdogs are the way to go in March Madness betting. The #4 vs. #13 seed game has seen the dog do well and the #5 vs. # 12 matchup gets a lot of publicity for the underdog. In fact, too many people take the #12 seeds which means their value in recent years in March Madness has been limited.  The #6 vs. #11 seed matchup also has seen the underdog do well in March Madness odds. The #7 vs. #10 seed game really goes with the underdog. In fact, this game has been even better than the 5-12 matchup for the underdog in March Madness. The #8 vs. #9 game is really a crapshoot and either team can win.  Normally the March Madness odds on this game are close.

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