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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA March Madness history began in 1939 and has continued producing exciting action every year since.

NCAA March Madness history began in 1939 as the tournament had eight teams and has expanded to the 65 teams that are invited today.  March Madness betting is exciting for gamblers around the world with great gambling options throughout the month of March.

NCAA March Madness history begins with understanding the tournament.  It is now a single elimination tournament that includes 65 teams although that number is narrowed to 64 before the actual tournament begins.  That first game is really a play-in game and the tournament really starts on Thursday and Friday when the brackets get underway.  March Madness betting is definitely popular today, especially since all of the games are on television.  CBS has been televising the tournament for many years and their coverage has increased the interest in March Madness betting.

NCAA March Madness history tells us that the tournament went to 64 teams in 1985 and that is really when the popularity soared.  Since that time, the #1 seed in NCAA March Madness history has never lost in the opening game to a #16 seed.  The #2 seed has only lost to the #15 seed a total of 4 times in the 92 games in NCAA March Madness history since 1985.  The #3 and #4 seeds have won their games in the first round about 80% of the time in NCAA March Madness history.  The percentage drops dramatically for the #5 and #6 seeds which win 68% of the time in the first round according to NCAA March Madness history stats.  The #7 seed wins just over 60% of the time while the #8 seed actually loses more often than not against the #9 seed in NCAA March Madness history.

March Madness betting is definitely something most gamblers around the world look forward to each season with great anticipation.  History gets made each season with upsets and exciting games.  The appeal of March Madness will continue throughout history since the tourney is single elimination and in an exciting bracket format.

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