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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness bet season is all about getting into the proper mind set

If you’re going to sit around and watch a million hours of non-stop NCAA March Madness action and wager on it you must be mentally prepared. 

Ask any veteran of the March Madness bet season and they’ll tell this is no endeavor for the weak and if you’re planning on making any March Madness bets, make sure you’ve fully prepared yourself for the experience.

March Madness bet season can be the ultimate rush or it can ruin a man.  It is something that only a sports bettor of strong fortitude should attempt.  The endless hours of March Madness bet action on the online sports betting sites and the almost endless supply of non-stop basketball action is enough to overload ones senses.  Many men have attempted to take on the March Madness bet phenomena and have been soundly defeated.  In order to fully appreciate and withstand the craziness that is the March Madness bet season you must be in tip top physical condition.  Pregnant women, nursing mothers and anyone with a weak heart are strongly advised not to even go near the March Madness bet actions.  It could be fatal.

The excitement level and the passion that the games of the NCAA March Madness create is something that must be observed to be believed.  And woe is the sports bettor that approaches the March Madness bet process lightly.  The road to NCAA March Madness is paved with the littered remains of sports fans that thought they could hack the March Madness bet season but only discovered too late that they didn’t have what it took to place a March Madness bet without going completely nuts.

March Madness bet season has claimed the sanity of millions –if only temporary- of sports fans.  When the first Thursday of the March Madness bet season rolls around many people simply can’t be counted upon to function as productive human beings.  Once the first ball is tipped and the NCAA March Madness arrives it’s enough to send the lesser fans going crazy over the March Madness bet they made.

But this behavior is quite understandable, it can even happen to most hardy of sports fans when they contemplate making a March Madness bet.  But as the 2008 March Madness bets season rolls around, please approach it with caution.  If you’re not lucky, the urge to make March Madness bets can consume you and convert you into a complete animal for the next three weeks.

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