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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness bet season is the best time of the year for many sports bettors across the country.

Indeed, NCAA March madness is one of the wildest and most unique sporting events you’ll find anywhere in the world.  But at its roots March madness bet season is a uniquely American invention that encapsulates nicely and expresses clearly the great American dream.

March madness bet season could in fact be used a metaphor for what has long been known fairly or unfairly as the great idea of the American Dream.  The egalitarianism of the whole experience and equal opportunity for all has led many social observers to make similar comments about the NCAA March madness season and the process of making March madness bets.  And when you examine the strange phenomenon of March madness bet it’s difficult to argue with these conclusions.

In American there lives a romantic notion that all men are created equal and that all were born with certain rights and opportunities that cannot be denied them.  If you wanted to view the March madness bet process through this paradigm you could also make a very similar that those same ideas exist in NCAA March madness.  For example, for the teams involved in the March madness bet season, it doesn’t matter what conference you’re from, how big of school you are, if you’re private or public…none of that matters because all the teams in the March madness bet board are given an equal shot at greatness.

There is of course one great divergence between the romantic notion of the American Dream and March madness bet season.  Although the March Madness bet process encapsulates many of the same ideas it also diverges greatly from the American Dream.  This divergence of course is the rankings system which is in place to reward the good teams and give fans thinking of making a March madness bet some sort of guide in the games.  Can you imagine every citizen in the US being given a ranking in life similar to what the teams in the March madness bet season receive?

That would be difficult to imagine, but whether or not these ranking exist in society as explicitly as they do in the March madness bet season is a bit irrelevant because each person faces some sort of barrier that could be interpreted as an implicit ranking similar to what the teams in the March madness bet process receive.  Income, race, gender, all these things contribute to the probability of success similar to functions that the March madness bet rankings serve.  Nonetheless, the comparison between NCAA March madness and the American Dream remains a strong one.

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