2008 March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting action is less than two months away

And anyone who loves March madness betting must be drooling at the prospects that the NCAA March madness 2008 offers. 

March madness betting is always fantastic but this year with all the young talent and awesome teams in the running, this year’s NCAA March madness 2008 promises to be one of the best events in a long time.

March madness betting never lacks for excitement and thrilling moments, but even among all the awesome tournaments that March has hosted there are some years that are better than others among March madness activity.  Some years stand out from others in the March madness betting either due to the teams or the players involved or the magic moments they produce.  This year, in the upcoming NCAA March madness 2008, there is every indication to believe that the action will be fantastic.

In terms of player quality this year’s March Madness betting will feature some of the best March madness betting has seen in years.  Last the tournament was dominated by two story lines: the talent rich defending champ Florida Gators and the fabulously talented freshman like Greg Oden and Kevin Durant.  This year there is no team as dynamic as the back-back champ Gators in the March Madness betting but there is one fantastic team in the running so far that likely could have beaten the Gators in last year’s March madness betting and that’s the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The Tar Heels are without a doubt the star of the betting season so far and look to dominate the March madness action as well.  Featuring a host of seasoned and talented players this team is one of the best we’ve seen in the past few years of March madness betting.  It’s difficult to compare teams from year to the next in the March madness betting, but this UNC team boasts at least four NBA draft picks and perhaps the best player you’ll see in the NCAA March madness 2008 action, Tyler Hansbrough.

“Psycho T” as he’s known to his teammates has had some disappointing March madness betting experience in the past and he will no doubt be anxious to exercise those demons when the tournament roles around.  With the talented cast of teammates he has around him there should be little doubt that the Heels are the team to beat in the March madness betting.  They have run their opponents out of the gym so far this year and can beat at any facet of the game.  And that is why any team that has to face UNC in the March Madness betting will likely have their post season cut short.

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