NCAA Tournament Betting Line Moves at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA Tournament betting line odds move a great deal because so many people love to bet them.

NCAA Tournament odds are bet by both professional and recreational gamblers and that means a lot of line movement.

NCAA Tournament betting line moves are interesting to follow but just because a line moves one way or another should not affect your betting. You should stick with your plays regardless of the NCAA Tournament betting line movement. Early in the tournament you will see some professional gamblers taking a shot against NCAA Tournament odds but that doesn’t mean they will win. When it comes to NCAA Tournament odds the pros may not be any better than the average gambler.

Many line services will show the NCAA Tournament betting line and you can monitor the moves. This is fun to do but in reality it doesn’t mean very much. Everyone has an opinion on NCAA Tournament odds and that is why the NCAA Tournament betting line moves so much. You also have to remember that some groups will move the NCAA Tournament betting line one way and then come back the other way later in the week and try to middle the game.

Some gamblers are convinced they can follow NCAA Tournament betting line moves and win money. Unfortunately history doesn’t support their theory. There are two main problems with following NCAA Tournament betting line moves. First, you don’t know who is moving the line and second, you can’t get the NCAA Tournament betting line that they got. By the time you get your wager in you have lost value against the NCAA Tournament betting line and a point or two can be the difference between winning and losing. Every single point matters in the long run and if you can’t get the best number it will cost you money in the end.

The bottom line with NCAA Tournament betting line moves is that they are interesting to watch but not profitable to follow. The games move for so many different reasons and so many different people are betting the games that you can’t get much information out of the line moves. Stick with your own plays and try and get the best possible line when you bet. That is your best advice when looking at the NCAA Tournament betting line.

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