NCAA Basketball Preview – Top Players 2015-2016

November 28th, 2019 NCAA Basketball

With the 2015-16 NCAA Basketball Season ready to get underway, on this coming Friday, the 13th of November and we are taking a look at the Ten Best College Basketball players for this 2015-16. Therefore I present what is expected to be the top ten players this season for you to watch and judge. So if you Bet on College hoops at a sportsbook, continue reading.

We start with the 10th who happens to be T. Ulis of Kentucky who last season played a key role in his teams journey to the Final Four as he completed 42% of his 3 pointers, and had a 3.7 to 1 ration on assist to turnovers, and was without a doubt the Wildcats of Kentucky’s top point guard, as he was a substituted for the fame A. Harrison, and now he becomes Kentucky’s best.

The 9th with the Terrapins of Maryland is M. Trimble who last season was a freshman, but he still led his team with 1634 points each game and shot 45 percent. On the 3 pointers he made 42 percent of his attempts. He was fouled often therefore was a frequent at the foul line and made 208 of his 248 foul shots. The Terrapins expect him to play even better this year and elevate his interest from the NBA draft.

At 8th player from California is J. Brown a freshman guard who increases his Golden Bears opportunities for winning the Pac-12 Title. He is a very versatile player who can at the 2 or 4 spots, and they think he can be the best player in California and a reason to watch his play this 2015-16 season.

Then 7th player from Kentucky is S. Labissiere a forward/center who reminds us of J. Okafor. He does not have a similar post move, but he has by far more range on his jump shot than Okafor had. Presently he is ranked as the top freshman in NCAA Basketball and just might be a 1st pick in the upcoming NBA draft this summer 2016!

Next is the 6th player is Kentucky’s J. Murray who has become the best player at his age, and such has made a name for himself. In the offseason he was impressive at the Nike Hoop Summit as well as the Without Borders camp, giving fans the expectations that he will be the No.1 scorer for the Wildcats of Kentucky this season.

The 5th player from Gonzaga is K. Wiltjer who is expected to have another good season as he did in 2014-15 averaging some 16.9 points each game and on 3 pointers shot 46 percents and his overall shooting average was 55 percent. His talent is likely to give Gonzaga another WCC Title this season.

In the 4th spot the player is from Oklahoma and is B. Hield who is without a doubt the leader of the Sooners basketball for this NCAA 2015-16 seasons. He also happens to be the reigning Player of the Year for the Big 12, and he is a guard with dual-threats who plays well at the paint or on the outside. Each year he has improved and recently had career high averaging 17.5 points each game as well as 5.6 rebounds each game this past season.

Then the 3rd top player from Michigan State is D. Valentine who was one of the reasons the Spartans of Michigan State for the 7th time made it to the Final Four. Last season he managed to score on average some 14.7 points each game with 6.4 rebounds and 4.4 assists, while on 3 pointers he made 42 percent.

The 2nd player of Providence is K. Dunn who all claim is the best guard in NCAA basketball moving into the 2015-16 season. A point guard with high energy, strong defensively, with the size of NBA players. Last season he showed improvement as he average 15.8 points each game, making 7.4 assist each game, which all were improvements over his rookie year. Thus the fans and team expect him to be even better in this 2015-16 seasons.

The 1st top player from LSU is Ben Simmons has been selected unanimously as the NCAA BB’s best player entering into the 2015-16 season. They say he’s already been approved for NBA play as he is a very talented point forward who achieves and directs the fast breaks for his team and teammates and has tremendous talent passing the ball.

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