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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball gambling season has been dormant for many months now and fans are practically bursting at the seams to get a chance to partake of college basketball betting again.

Rest easy, hardcore fans, because the NCAA basketball gambling machine will be up and running in a matter of weeks and will hit full stride within a month or so. And with so much returning talent and perhaps the most talented freshman class in the history of college basketball betting, it should be a great year.

NCAA basketball gambling promises a very entertaining season. If history is any indicator there, no one quite knows for sure what this upcoming NCAA basketball gambling season has in store. That’s what makes the college basketball betting action so exciting, the unpredictability of it all and the huge unknown that that it represents.

Heading into the season the University of North Carolina is the first team in the history of the NCAA basketball gambling to be unanimously selected as the best team in the country. Every single voter in the preseason polls chose UNC as the best team in college basketball betting and the one they expect to see hoist the NCAA basketball gambling championship trophy at the end of March. But what would seem more likely to any knowledgeable NCAA basketball gambling fans would be an upset.

College basketball betting simply is not that neat and tidy. Any fan that’s bet on NCAA basketball gambling in the past knows that the only constant in the sport is the unexpected. In fact, the very premise that UNC is selected number one overall in a unanimous vote would seem to be bad omen for the Tar Heels. The chances of a team going from number one in the preseason NCAA basketball gambling polls to winning a national championship are extremely minuscule.

Winning a national title in the NCAA basketball gambling involves much more than just talent. On a strictly talent basis, the Tar Heels are the winner. But if that were the only factor considered in the race for the NCAA basketball gambling national title there would be no need to play the season out, or even any games. Fortunately it’s not, and things like luck and teamwork go into making an NCAA basketball gambling championship.

So put your seat belt on and enjoy the crazy NCAA basketball gambling ride that lies ahead.

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