NCAA Basketball Betting Tournament is the Best There Is

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting fans know all too well how fantastic the college basketball betting tournament is.

They don’t need anyone to describe the action and excitement of what they already know to be the greatest sporting event on the face of the planet. But for any sports fan that has never experienced the thrill of the NCAA basketball betting tournament or never bet on the college basketball betting post season it’s time you got a taste of it.

NCAA basketball betting is by itself a truly amazing sport. The players play their guts out, the action is fast and furious and the crowds are wild. Even without the great college basketball betting postseason tournament this sport would be at the pinnacle of the sporting universe. But with the NCAA basketball betting sixty-four team tournament the sport is peerless.

The only other great sporting events on par with the NCAA basketball betting tournament would have to be the World Cup or the Champions League, just based on scale. All of these sporting events feature an enormous field, but if you’re not a soccer fan the college basketball betting tournament is the only one that is likely to hold any appeal for you.

And the other thing that sets apart the NCAA basketball betting tournament it that insteadof lasting a year or more, the college basketball betting action is condensed into just three short weeks or furious action.

For fans not familiar with the way that the NCAA basketball betting tournament works the premise is this: take the top 65 teams in the country as decided by college basketball betting experts, throw them into a seeded bracket and let them scrap it out until one team is left to be crowned the king of the NCAA basketball betting.

It’s something like a king of the mountain competition where midgets can compete on equal footing with the giants of the NCAA basketball betting world. And perhaps that is what reels in even more fans than the fantastic NCAA basketball betting action. It’s the simple fact that for a day, these NCAA basketball betting Davids are the same exact footing as the Goliaths of the NCAA basketball betting. Where else could tiny Coppin State ever be considered equal to college powerhouse Kansas?

And so for anyone that has ever rooted for the underdog, there is no more equal setting in all of sport than the NCAA basketball betting tournament.

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