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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting for most gamblers involves taking a lot of favorites against the spread

Most of the time people like to take the better team and that usually means laying the points.  There is a time, however, when taking the underdog is the way to go in NCAA basketball betting. NCAA basketball betting underdogs can be profitable, especially if they are the better team.  Sometimes determining the better team in college basketball betting is not as easy as it sounds and that is where the pointspread comes into play.  When in doubt in NCAA basketball betting you should take the points.  Traditional powers in college basketball, also known here as marquee teams, often lack good gambling value, particularly as home favorites. There is one angle, however, that bears serious consideration in college basketball betting and that is when these powerhouse marquee teams become dogs themselves.  And yes, it does happen.  Teams like Duke, North Carolina, UCLA and others will occasionally be underdogs when they are on the road against another marquee team in NCAA basketball betting.  It is those situations in NCAA basketball betting that make the underdog worth a shot.  You can take this a step further and look at each marquee team in each conference and look to take them when getting points.  Look at teams like Indiana, BYU, Kentucky, Florida, Connecticut, Georgetown and others when they are underdogs.

The NCAA basketball betting season is a long one and rarely is a team favored in every game during the season.  Even North Carolina and Duke will be getting points on occasion.  It is these situations that you really want to look hard at in NCAA basketball betting.  Getting marquee teams plus points is always worth a look in college basketball betting.

Part of being successful at college basketball betting is being patient and waiting for opportunities to come to you, rather than forcing the issue. Too many mainstream NCAA basketball betting gamblers simply “take the power” often when it’s a rip-off but the more savvy gamblers wait until the marquee teams are getting points to bet them.  It is all about timing in life and in gambling.  It applies to NCAA basketball betting as well.  There is definitely a good time to take marquee teams in NCAA basketball betting and that is when they are underdogs.

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