NCAA Basketball Betting Home Court Value at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting lines have incorporated into them what is called home court value

We should make one exception to that rule in NCAA basketball betting, and that is if the game is at a neutral court. Let’s consider home court value as it applies to college basketball betting. NCAA basketball betting home court value is not always the generic three points that most people believe. Home court value in college basketball betting is actually different for each team, (if it is done right that is.) Many factors actually determine the value of the home court for each team in college basketball and those factors can actually change throughout the season in NCAA basketball betting. When it comes to home court value in NCAA basketball betting you will see a few variations because some teams are great at home while others struggle on the road. Another factor that causes home court values to change in NCAA basketball betting is injuries. You can’t just blindly set a 3 or 4 point home court edge if either team has an injury in NCAA basketball betting. If a key player is out for the home team then the home court edge has to be reduced and it has to be increased if the road team is facing injury problems, perhaps even more so in NCAA basketball betting. This is just another example of why you just can’t throw generic numbers around when it comes to home court value in NCAA basketball betting.

When you look at home court college basketball betting value you might want to consider the home dogs. We already know that home dogs in the NFL are extremely popular, but they don’t get the same type of respect in the NBA or in college basketball. It is not uncommon to see a big difference in a home court value in football compared to basketball.  The home court edge in NCAA basketball betting can be very important though and that makes home dogs appealing.  In conference matchups the home dogs are always worth a look in college basketball betting. Basketball home court value is an independent number, not just the generic three points, and you should remember that as you do your handicapping for NCAA basketball betting this season.

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