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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting has chanced over the years. College basketball used to be about players staying around for four years and the teams staying together

NCAA basketball betting has also changed because the college basketball rosters are experiencing more turnover than ever before. NCAA basketball betting is not quite the same. Superstar players only have to play one year of college ball before heading to the NBA. That means the rosters of college teams are constantly changing and the dynamics of college basketball betting is changing.  College basketball teams used to stay together for four years but now it is more of a one year show for many teams since so many underclassmen leave for the NBA. Seeing a team stay together for four years is almost unheard of now and that affects NCAA basketball betting. You will still see many of the top teams continue to do well because they have solid staffs but the days of a team like Florida staying together are rare.  This makes NCAA basketball betting more challenging because you are constantly changing your NCAA basketball betting ratings.

The turnover affects college basketball betting because you rarely see teams go through a season with only one or two losses. The game has become more competitive and full of parity since the game rarely has superstar players that stay for four years. Parity makes underdogs more attractive in NCAA basketball betting so keep that in mind. There are exceptions as we noted earlier with teams staying together as we saw with Florida but they are rare.  Even in the case of Florida it took the players deciding on their own to stay together.  All of this affects NCAA basketball betting.  Anytime you get change it is difficult to forecast what will happen and that can make college basketball betting more challenging.  Remember though that if it is challenging for you it is also challenging for the NCAA basketball betting oddsmaker.  There are nearly 300 teams to keep track of and it is not easy making a good college basketball betting line on every game.

College basketball is always changing.  That can present a challenge for the NCAA basketball betting gambler but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pick and choose your spots in NCAA basketball betting and it will be easier to keep up with the changing dynamics of the game.

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