Narrowing Down March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds give you a lot of games to look at.

The first place many people begin when looking at the March Madness odds is with line value.  It is hard to look at the March Madness odds and not get carried away. It is very difficult for anyone, including the oddsmaker, to be totally up to date on every single college basketball team so when considering March Madness odds we need to narrow things down.

March Madness betting odds can include college basketball conference tournaments and the NIT in addition to the main NCAA Tournament. You as the gambler can do a better job than the oddsmaker because you can narrow your focus down to just a few games in March Madness betting. It is definitely much easier to keep track of a few games than many. Most of the March Madness odds are based on power ratings. Your information can be based on more than just the numbers.  And don’t forget about totals when it comes to the March Madness odds. This is a huge area of weakness for oddsmakers and one in which you can make money. It can also be as simple as just following the money. If you can get in early enough in the day and follow the wise guys when they bet totals in March Madness odds you can make money. It is sometimes difficult to get your bet in as fast as they move the March Madness odds, but it is possible and it is very simple. Follow their moves on totals and you have a decent shot of winning in March Madness betting. Remember though, that getting the best number is critical and if you can’t get it, March Madness betting totals may only be a break even proposition.

Some people will look at March Madness odds and only consider the NCAA Tournament.  You might be better off narrowing your focus to specific teams in the tourney or even considering the NIT for March Madness betting.  Remember that the NIT has home court advantage to consider and that is important to remember.  Also keep in mind that with these college basketball conference tournaments you will have numerous chances to find weak lines and make strong bets.  These are important things to consider as you look at March Madness odds.

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