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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting money lines are an interesting way to bet the NCAA Tournament.

Instead of worrying about covering the March Madness odds, you can just pick straight up winners in March Madness betting if you bet the money line.

March Madness betting money lines are available on most games where the pointspread is less than double-digits. In early round games where you have a #1 seed vs. the #16 or something similar the money lines would be outrageously high and are usually not on the March Madness odds board. You can play money lines in most of the March Madness betting matchups though beyond the 1 vs. 16 and 2 vs. 15 games.

As you look at the March Madness betting money lines there are some important things to keep in mind. Since pointspreads as no longer part of the equation in March Madness betting you can look at strictly straight up records. Let’s go back and see what has happened to each of the 16 seeds in NCAA Tournament history.

The #1 seeds have won 80% of the time straight up in NCAA Tourney history. They win every first round game and most second round games so you have to take that into consideration since you probably won’t get money lines in March Madness betting on #1 seeds in those two rounds. They are good bets though overall because anytime you have an 80% trend it is something to consider in March Madness betting. The #2 seeds are not that far behind at 71% followed by the #3 seeds at 65%. The #4 seeds have won 60% of the time and then there is a drop to the #5 seeds at 54% of the time. The #6 seeds actually have a better overall winning percentage in March Madness betting straight up at 56%. The #7 seeds are 47% while the #8 seeds are 40%. #9 seeds win at a 37% clip while the #10 seeds win 39% of the time. The #11 seeds win 33% while the #12 seeds win 33% of the time. The #13 seeds win 20% of the time, the #14 seeds 15% of the time, the #15 seeds 4% of the time while the #16 seeds have never won a game.

Keep in mind that all of the March Madness betting numbers are straight up, not against the March Madness odds and they go throughout the tournament, not just the first round. What this does tell you though is that certain seeds like the #12 and #10 seeds can be good values straight up. That doesn’t mean they are good values against the March Madness odds though. This is strictly for money line March Madness betting.

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