Mistakes vs. March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds look so appealing and inviting with so many games to choose from.

Sometimes in March Madness betting gamblers can get carried away if the don’t avoid making mistakes. Let’s look at some of the ones to avoid in March Madness odds.

March Madness odds success sometimes comes down to what a gambler doesn’t do as much as what he actually does do. There are certain big errors that a gambler simply can never afford to make and are preventable because of their obvious stupidity, at least to the intelligent bettor. The gambler that learns to avoid such mistakes can immediately build himself an edge against the March Madness odds.

Of all the mistakes and errors that a gambler can make, the absolute worst and most unpardonable is the sin of laying too many points. There is nothing more stupid and ridiculous than for a gambler to lay more points than he should versus the March Madness odds as it simply adds to the house edge. And if a gambler is adding to the house edge he is, conversely, adding to his own disadvantage and handicap against the March Madness odds.

Another mistake that is all too common in March Madness betting is when gamblers get “clever” and outsmart themselves with reach wagers on bad teams. Just as laying too many points versus the March Madness odds is a mistake that adds percentage points to the already built in ten-percent house edge, taking a horrible team just because they are getting a lot of points is every bit as bad in March Madness betting. Keep in mind that there is a specific reason for a bad team getting a ton of points on the March Madness odds board, which is that they are not very good and have no appeal with gamblers. This usually only applies to the first round of the NCAA Tournament when these automatic qualifiers are still in the field. March Madness odds makers understand that these types of teams have little appeal and they will raise the price on the favorite.

Another major mistake that a gambler can make versus the March Madness odds is to not think independently and for himself. Far too many gamblers have ended up losing their bankrolls by allowing outside influences such as the media or even other gamblers at chatboards or at the sportsbook to influence their March Madness betting.

You want to avoid making these mistakes as you wager against the March Madness odds this season.

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