March Madness Predictions: Tricks and Tips at SBG Global

November 8th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness predictions, which serve as the basis for your March Madness betting, should incorporate all of the March Madness betting information available, from the most basic all the way to the most detailed.

Some March Madness betting enthusiasts err in ignoring very basic information, like injuries, when making March Madness predictions, while other gamblers make their March Madness predictions without any appreciation to the many detailed factors that influence every game. One factor that almost every March Madness betting enthusiast considers when making March Madness predictions is each team’s record, however season records are not always interpreted correctly.

March Madness predictions should undoubtedly be made with an acknowledgement of each teams’ record. It is the most basic and obvious indication of a team’s ability. Some teams are simply good at winning, and they should often naturally be favored in your March Madness predictions, while other teams struggle for victories, and this fact should also be remembered when making March Madness predictions.

However, there is much more to a team’s record than the simple win-loss percentage. For example, when making March Madness predictions you must always keep in mind what conference a team is in. A team can be very good, yet if it competes in a very competitive conference like the ACC then it will likely lose several games. However, losing to top teams in the ACC does not mean the team should necessarily be overlooked in your March Madness predictions. On the other hand, a team that has lost numerous games in a bottom conference probably will be unable to compete with the top teams in the NCAA Tournament. Also, when making your March Madness predictions you should look for useful trends that exist within each teams’ record. For example, if you find that a team plays very well at home but horribly on the road, losing to opponents it should logically beat, then that is probably a team that should not be heavily favored in your March Madness predictions because it will not be enjoying any home games in the tournament. Also, you may find that teams tend to struggle in low scoring games against defensive teams, while always outscoring other offensive teams in wild shootouts, and this fact would once again be useful as you make your March Madness predictions. Furthermore, if you find that a team has several losses, but they were all at the very beginning of the season, then that is probably an indication that the team has come together late in the season and is going into the NCAA Tournament with lots of momentum, so its early season losses are virtually meaningless.

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