March Madness Point Spread and Coaches at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness point spread handicapping is certainly challenging and many March Madness betting enthusiasts often overlook factors that are extremely important to any March Madness point spread.

Coaching is one of these frequently overlooked factors that can actually play a surprisingly large role in some March Madness betting match ups. A team that is led by a top coach has a clear advantage in March Madness and this advantage must be recognized as you consider each March Madness point spread.

March Madness point spread handicapping needs to acknowledge the coaches because they play such a large role throughout the Tournament. Some March Madness betting analysts like to even think of them as a sixth player on the court and in many side-by-side match up analyses that evaluate a March Madness point spread the coaches will be strongly considered. No matter how talented a team is, if it is poorly coached then it will struggle to compete against teams that are far less talented. March Madness is an extremely trying time for both individual players and team chemistry, and a coach that serves as a strong cornerstone is necessary for March Madness success.

This importance of a coach is particularly relevant to a March Madness point spread because the pressure of March Madness can create issues that only a very competent coach can handle. One knows that a coach like Roy Williams or Mike Krzyzewski will be able to keep his team in check throughout the NCAA Tournament, so many March Madness betting fans are particularly confident about a March Madness point spread involving such coaches. Additionally, coaches obviously help develop the strategies for their teams, and anyone with experience handicapping a March Madness point spread knows that there are times when a team loses simply because it was outcoached. The coaching is also particularly important in the final minutes of close games, and it is often these moments that determine a game’s outcome, and therefore which side of the March Madness point spread will win.

Furthermore, even if the coaches on the two teams are of fairly equal caliber, anyone looking at a March Madness point spread must consider the coaches just to know the tempo of the game that will be played. A coach’s style will typically have a large impact on his team and its March Madness point spread. Knowing, for example, that two defensive-minded teams will be in a March Madness betting match up is important information to keep in mind as you analyze the March Madness point spread.

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