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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are definitely different than any other portion of the college basketball wagering season

The NCAA Tourney, also known as “March Madness” and the “Big Dance”, rivals the Super Bowl as far as popularity with gamblers around the world. Let’s take a look at March Madness betting.

March Madness odds bring gamblers out of the woodwork who normally do not bet on college basketball and who do not possess a lot of knowledge about it either as fans or as gamblers. What this immediately does is make the better known traditional powers often into overlays in March Madness odds, as gamblers will tend to bet on the names that they are familiar with, especially when such teams are up against lesser known or mid-major type programs on the March Madness odds board.

Seasoned March Madness betting handicappers therefore will tell you that it is of paramount importance to set one’s own lines right when the March Madness odds are announced and before the oddsmakers post their March Madness betting numbers, in order to get a true read on what the line actually should be rather than what it is after the masses start betting.

While there are always surprises in March Madness betting, such as with George Mason in 2006, the cream generally rises to the top the further the tournament develops. One of the traps that many gamblers get into against the March Madness odds is that they try and get to clever and end up outsmarting themselves by trying to find “Cinderella” rather than a solid proven program in March Madness odds.

Eventually, the deeper into the tournament the better known teams go, the better values they become against March Madness odds as they eventually weed out the lesser known teams and matchup against other name brand teams, which takes away the ignorance factor of the masses. The March Madness odds are more true and reflective of the actual merits of the teams the deeper into the tournament teams go.  Rarely does an unknown team make it to the Final Four. It is more likely a team like Duke or North Carolina will make it.

March Madness odds can offer a lot of fun and excitement to gamblers but the key to long term success against the March Madness odds is to be a good judge of actual value.

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