March Madness Odds That Move at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds move a great deal as bettors take a liking to one side or another in the NCAA Tournament.

Without question there are bigger line moves in college basketball than there are in the NBA.  There are many reasons why March Madness odds will move and it is those reasons we want to look at today.

March Madness odds are released on the Monday following the announcement of the brackets.  One reason that March Madness odds will immediately move is injuries.  They are definitely a factor when it comes to the March Madness odds.  Injuries are usually publicized in local newspapers and when word leaks out the March Madness betting line moves.  The March Madness odds also move because a sportsbook is getting hit with enough money so that they are forced to move the March Madness betting line.  This can be from both public and professional bettors. The next group that moves the March Madness odds is the so-called “wise-guys.” We definitely don’t see as many wise guys or syndicates in operation today, but they do still exist.  For the average sportsbook it sometimes is difficult to determine which group is moving the March Madness odds, so they need to be on top of all the line moves at other sportsbooks and keep an eye on what is happening.  This can be tricky at times.  Let’s say that the public is in love with a particular team like North Carolina.  The sportsbook must be aware that public action is driving the March Madness odds, not a betting syndicate.  This is also why you want to be aware of March Madness odds movement as you look at the brackets each season.

So what can you do to profit from some of this March Madness betting line move knowledge?  Your best bet is to be aware of the March Madness odds movement, but not to overreact to it.  Some people used to make a living following the wise guy line movement in the late 1980’s in college basketball but those days are long since gone and the number of betting syndicates far less.  Your best bet is to be aware of the March Madness odds movement, monitor it, but don’t base your entire betting decision on it.

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