Smart Line Moves in March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds move a great deal during the tournament as many gamblers are betting the games

Sometimes this money indicates a betting syndicate has played the game while sometimes it does not.  What are smart money moves in March Madness odds and do they win? March Madness odds are definitely more popular than regular season college basketball odds.  This means that you see a lot of public action against the March Madness betting line.  Conversely, you also see a lot of so-called smart money as well.  The smart money in March Madness odds is supposed to win more than it loses but it rarely works out that way.  Betting syndicates have tried for many years to beat the March Madness odds and have usually failed.  That is not to say that smart money doesn’t exist and can’t win on occasion versus the March Madness betting line.  But if you are following that money on a regular basis you will eventually go broke.  There are reasons that the smart money doesn’t win consistently versus March Madness odds.  The first reason is that many times you can’t even determine what is smart money and what is not when looking at the March Madness odds.  What group of bettors moved the March Madness odds?  What is their reasoning?  You don’t know the answer to this question and it is why following these smart money moves doesn’t work.  You just can’t tell why the March Madness odds move.

The other reason that smart money moves don’t always win in March Madness odds is that they are not smart.  It is just a line move based on someone’s opinion.  That opinion is usually not any better than yours.  It just has more money behind it.  That doesn’t mean it will win versus the March Madness odds.  Your opinion may actually be better. The public doesn’t win enough to make money versus the March Madness betting line but neither does the smart money.  Following either is not a recipe for success when considering the March Madness betting line.

As you consider the line moves this March Madness season remember that nothing works all the time.  Monitor the line moves but don’t get swayed off your own opinion of a game just because the line moved.

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