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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are viewed by millions of people all over the world.

As many as 37 million people get involved in the many office pools in the United States and many of those people watch the games on their computers. March Madness odds have even surpassed Super Bowl odds in terms of popularity.

March Madness odds are so popular that companies estimate that at least one in four workers participate in some sort of office pool. Many of these workers love to watch the game as well. It was estimated that 1.4 million people were watching games live on their computers last year. Since so many games are played early in the day it makes sense that workers would find a way to watch and wager on March Madness odds.

What makes March Madness betting odds so popular? The brackets are definitely appealing to many people around the world whether they wager on March Madness odds or not. It is just interesting to look at the brackets and forecast how you think a team will do. This makes for great March Madness betting odds as well. Remember that in the NCAA Tournament if you can pick the straight up winner you are going to cover the March Madness odds most of the time. So if you are one of the millions that can pick a bracket that has a lot of winners on it you can make money in terms of March Madness betting odds. It also helps that CBS televises all of the games and even if a game is not in your region they cut in on the game enough to really get you excited and interested. That is a huge factor in the popularity of March Madness odds.

Another reason March Madness odds are so popular is that they don’t end in just one day. March Madness odds are available for nearly three weeks beginning in late March and continuing into April. When you have multiple games instead of just one it makes for more excitement and that is what March Madness odds give people.

Enjoy the March Madness betting odds available at sportsbooks this season. Join the millions of people around the world that are getting in on the action and betting March Madness odds.

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