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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds and March Madness brackets are a great pastime

That has become part of life during the month of March and the early part of April. Everyone loves to bet March Madness odds and fill out the NCAA Tournament bracket.

March Madness odds will include side, total, parlay, teaser and even proposition choices. March Madness brackets are available all over the Internet at sportsbooks and at many sports sites. The popularity of March Madness odds and brackets transcends sports as many people that never bet on other sports love to get involved in wagering on March Madness odds.
As you are looking at March Madness odds on brackets you obviously want to pick more winners than losers. The interesting part about the March Madness odds and the brackets is that they really go together. If you can pick winners in the brackets you can win money against March Madness betting lines. Most of the time if a team wins in March Madness they also cover the March Madness betting lines. That means if you can pick the straight up winner in a game you will normally cover the March Madness odds and win your bet.

As you fill out your brackets you can do a little research and find the best information to help you pick winners. And remember that this information translates into March Madness betting lines if you can just pick the straight up winner. It is not often in sports that you can win money just by picking the straight up winner but history has shown that to be the case in March Madness odds. The tournament is definitely full of upsets and perhaps that is why straight up winners usually cover the spread. This should tell you that if you like an underdog versus March Madness betting lines that you should also play them on the money line. Since most straight up winners also cover the spread you should play the money line when betting underdogs versus March Madness odds. Consider adding the money line to your wagering menu this season during March Madness.

Enjoy filling out your brackets this year and remember that March Madness odds are available for each game during the tournament from the first round right up to the NCAA title game in early April.

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