March Madness Final Four betting tips at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness Final Four betting is the thrilling culmination of the exciting March Madness betting that occurs every year.

March Madness betting in the early rounds, however, is somewhat different than gambling on the March Madness Final Four. In the March Madness Final Four one is given the opportunity to focus specifically on each of the four teams’ performances earlier in the tournament when evaluating the March Madness betting lines.

March Madness Final Four gambling should in fact focus almost exclusively on early tournament performance. In the first few rounds of the tournament you do not enjoy these insights, and you are forced to handicap each March Madness betting match up simply by judging how teams performed in the regular season and during the conference tournaments. However, in order to reach the March Madness Final Four, each team must have won its first four games of the tournament, which is a significant set of games to study and evaluate.

It is this new information about performances early in the tournament that should be favored predominately in betting on the March Madness Final Four because the NCAA Tournament is so different than any other part of the season. Some teams shine in the spotlight of this one-and-done tournament, while other teams wilt and cannot handle the pressure. Also, teams simply hit their stride at different parts of the season, and most bettors recognize the futility in March Madness betting on a team that was unstoppable in the first month of the season, yet enters the tournament with no momentum. These teams will virtually never reach the March Madness Final Four. On the other hand, one should never overlook a team that has played well enough to reach the March Madness Final Four, simply because that team played very poorly at the beginning of the season. Sometimes a team needs time to gel together and teams need to develop their chemistry, so early season follies are not indications of problems that may reappear in the March Madness Final Four, but rather problems that have already been fully worked through. In fact, sometimes it is just these teams that are the best to wager on in the March Madness Final Four, because the memory of a team’s early season problems causes the March Madness betting lines to unnecessarily render them significant underdogs. In reality though, any team good enough to reach the March Madness Final Four has a real shot at winning the whole tournament, and your March Madness betting will be at its best when you primarily focus on previous play in the tournament when making your March Madness Final Four wagers.

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