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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness is one of the most anticipated sports events in the United States.

March Madness betting typically focuses on the traditional powerhouses, like UNC, Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, and Florida, but it is the Cinderella teams that really make March Madness betting so fascinating. While predicting which team will be the Cinderella of any given March Madness is certainly difficult, the March Madness betting rewards for doing so can be tremendous.

March Madness seems to offer up an inspiring Cinderella story almost every single season. While last year’s March Madness did not provide any Cinderella story that was extremely memorable, in 2006 George Mason made an improbable March Madness run that made the tournament an instant classic. In that March Madness, George Mason was an 11th seed in its bracket, yet the team defeated UNC and UCONN, ranked third and first in George Mason’s bracket, on its way to earning a shocking spot in the Final Four. George Mason’s run finally came to an end in the Final Four when the team lost to the Florida Gators, who went on to win the whole tournament, yet George Mason’s run was an inspiring Cinderella story nonetheless. March Madness betting fans who had the guile to wager on George Mason throughout the tournament certainly profited heavily throughout March Madness.

Finding the improbable Cinderella teams of March Madness can in fact be one of the most effective ways to have a successful March Madness betting season. However, the problem is that predicting a Cinderella team can be quite difficult. Looking back, probably no one would have anticipated that George Mason was going to reach the Final Four of March Madness in 2006. Nevertheless, there were certainly astute March Madness betting fans who profitably recognized George Mason’s potential. Every year as you look to your March Madness betting, you should analyze the March Madness brackets and try to find a few teams that jump out as having potential to upset some of the giants. In fact, these teams often have some features in common, such as strong big men, stellar defense, upperclassmen, and placement in a somewhat unknown division, which leads March Madness gamblers to overlook the team. When you find a team with such characteristics you should do a closer analysis of the team to determine if it really has what it takes to succeed in March Madness. If you happen to evaluate correctly then you will likely have an extremely profitable March Madness.

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