March Madness Brackets and Your Tournament Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

The best March Madness betting guide available on the web. Make your bracket picks or betting NCAA games during the tournament

March Madness brackets are one of the most enjoyable parts of March Madness betting. Serious and casual bettors alike often fill out March Madness brackets before the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins in order to make a bet with friends, participate in an office pool, or enter into an online contest. While these March Madness brackets can be helpful to your March Madness betting, you must be careful not to allow your March Madness brackets to negatively influence your March Madness betting.

March Madness brackets can be beneficial to March Madness betting because they force you to consider every different team in the Tournament and its potential to win games against the other teams. Therefore, some gamblers find that their March Madness betting is far more informed than their normal NCAA Basketball betting. Furthermore, by filling out March Madness brackets you are able to give yourself early March Madness betting opinions on each team that can be useful to remember and fall back upon later in the Tournament. While it is extremely important to take into account Tournament play as you do your handicapping of the later rounds, you also should not be over-influenced by a single game, and completing March Madness brackets before the Tournament begins is a good way to avoid this error.

Nevertheless, March Madness brackets can also exert a negative influence over your March Madness betting if you are not careful. The problem some March Madness gamblers experience is that they actually become too attached to their March Madness brackets and therefore do not wager with enough flexibility. As was mentioned, it is in fact beneficial to remember the early thoughts that went into the creation of March Madness brackets and not be too swayed by a single game. However, at the same time, it is damaging to bet solely on the basis of March Madness brackets in the later rounds of the Tournament. Some gamblers simply cannot bring themselves to place a bet contradicting their March Madness brackets and consequently place bets with little value. A good rule to follow is that if you would not place a specific bet without the March Madness brackets then you should not place that bet because of them. Additionally, if you do not want to bet against your March Madness brackets then one easy solution is to avoid betting on that game altogether and simply look for other value on the betting board.

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