March Madness Brackets Totals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets have more than just pointspread sides for you to consider.

Every single game in March Madness brackets has totals for gamblers that look at March Madness betting.

March Madness brackets for most gamblers involve only looking at picking the sides.  This is really more common in March Madness brackets because you have office pools and the public looking to get involved.  The public rarely bets totals but that is their loss when it comes to March Madness brackets.  As you consider the March Madness brackets and totals you really need to first concentrate on narrowing down the games.  There are just too many games for you to look at every single total on the board.  You are better off focusing on just a select number of games.  That is why it is so difficult for sportsbooks to get a handle on college basketball totals.  There are just too many games.  The oddsmakers base most of their basketball gambling numbers for totals on March Madness brackets on statistics and nothing else.  The oddsmakers don’t watch all the games from every conference.  It is just not possible.  Some of these smaller conferences don’t even have their games televised.  Even if the games are on television, oddsmakers are more focused on the marquee games than on a MAC or WAC game. You as a gambler can watch your own conference though and concentrate only on those games when the March Madness brackets come out.

As with other forms of sports gambling, it is better if you make your own power ratings and come up with your own totals before the March Madness betting lines come out.  You will have about a day to do this since totals don’t come out for a least a day after the matchups are announced. That way you can compare your March Madness betting numbers with his and find the best plays.  Your numbers can also take into consideration more than just the basic stats as you look at March Madness brackets.  You can look at home and away numbers, trends, etc.  The oddsmaker will not consider any of this as he bases his numbers strictly on the basic stats when it comes to totals on March Madness brackets.

Many people ignore totals on March Madness brackets but if you really want to make some money at March Madness betting you should definitely take a hard look at the totals.

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