March Madness Brackets Choices at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets present a lot of great choices for gamblers

March Madness brackets are really more than just the NCAA Tournament.  They are the college basketball tournaments before the big dance and they also include the NIT.

March Madness brackets give you the traditional side-pointspreads for March Madness betting in addition to many other options. You also can play totals and money lines with March Madness brackets. You also have the ability to bet futures, parlays, teasers and propositions with March Madness brackets.  You may also want to consider some of the pools and contests that go along with March Madness.  The main thing to remember is that you can do more than just bet a side during March Madness.

You should be aware as you look at March Madness brackets that there is a distinct difference between pro and college basketball betting and not just with the styles of play but also with such factors as coaching, rivalries, revenge, and talent disparity. March Madness brackets will often have two completely different teams facing each other. The college basketball betting oddsmakers, more often than not in these situations, will jack up the March Madness betting line on the better known team into an overlay since that is the side that the mainstream gambling public is likely to want.  It is all about name recognition when it comes to March Madness brackets.  There is no doubt that teams like North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, UCLA and others are immediately recognized by the public.  Teams like Drake, George Mason, Appalachian State, Davidson and others are not nearly as well known by the general public.  That is why you will see higher lines on marquee teams than you will on unknown teams.

March Madness brackets also take into account the coach because NCAA hoops are far better known as a coach’s game while pro basketball tends to be much more of a player’s game. As you consider March Madness betting remember that you have more than just one option. Take a look at the side, total, money line, futures, parlays, teasers, and other great choices for March Madness betting. You may also want to look at some of the pools available for the March Madness brackets. Your choices really are superb when considering the March Madness brackets.

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